Me, Myself & I

Enter two Agents.

A conflict between two Is who share the name Zachary is almost predictable. Dubiously at first, one Zachary stares at the other. One of them will have to give way. One of them will have to stop his I from invading the other’s body. Ultimately both will realize that the name they are responding to is merely a cipher. Once they acknowledge this fact, every I they encounter is a potential Zachary.
– Excerpt from “Self-Portrait,” Walter Abish, 1977

The exhibition’s title, Me, Myself, and I, is taken from the popular songs of the same name by Beyoncé Knowles, Billie Holiday, De La Soul, Jive Jones, and Vitamin C. The first-person singular pronouns all suggest that one is speaking of oneself; yet, when listed consecutively, the significance of when and with whom one is speaking of oneself becomes irrelevant. Rather, the verbose list of referents acts as a form of repetition, through which the speaker reinvents his self-image.

André & Evan a.k.a. The Lenox Twins a.k.a. Lenox-Lenox received their BFAs from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. They will both be artists-in-residence at Real Time & Space (Oakland, CA) this coming June, culminating in an exhibition at Important Projects
(Oakland, CA). This is André and Evan’s first duet at Courtney Blades.

Me, Myself & I was on view May 4 – June 2, 2013